Ireland August 2012

Surfing, Kayaking and boggy walks.

Jordan April 2012

Dead sea, deserts and roman ruins

Italy August 2011

A Villa with our own private river.

Denmark June 2011

Vikings, Castles and plastic bricks.

Vietnam April 2011

Mopeds, Beaches, Smiles and chilli.

Netherlands October 2010

Dykes, models, fairy tales and the windmills of my mind.

Pyrenees August 2010

Hiking and swiming in the Pyrenees, surreal!

Kilimanjaro August 2010

Karen climbs Kilimanjaro for the lily foundation.

California April 2010

four weeks in California... and Arizona, thanks to the unpronouncable Icelandic volcano.

Portugal August 2009

If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air.

Pembrokeshire August 2009

Caravanning in west wales. Sun Sand and 'scuse me.

Shanghai July 2009

8000 miles to see an eclipse of the sun, and it was cloudy

Pacific NW April 2009

Whale watching, forests, beaches and skiing, oh yes and that hotel where Kubrik filmed the Shining.

Firenze Sept 2008

Staying in the room the Mona Lisa was found in, after being stolen in 1913.

French Alps August 2008

Glaciers, Cable cars, sunshine and storms

Morocco April 2008

Snake charmers, snow capped mountains and sand dunes the size of the south downs.

Romania August 2007

Driving around Transylvania, castles, mountains, vampires!

Florida April 2007

Oh Yes, we went to see the mouse, and some aligators along the way

Crete Oct 2006

A week in crete at half term. We swam every day and hiked a gorge. 7 days of hot sunshine in late October

Cornwall August 2006

5 Go mad in Cornwall. See the Cousins video for a 60 second video of the trip

Turkey March 2006

A fabulous 4 minute total solar eclipse

Javea October 2005

An Annular eclipse and 7 days of late summer sunshine.

Slovenia September 2005

Castles, Caves and fine wine. Nice scenery, shame about the weather.

Northern Spain August 2005

The birth of SteeTV and Mandy Moo gets on a plane!

Mexico April 2005

Tropical beaches, jungles, Pyramids and a very big city.

Naples October 2004

Pompeii, Herculaneum, the back streets of Naples and a sleeping Volcano

Arizona & Vegas September 2004

Mostly work but some hiking in the hot Arizona Desert and a weekend in Vegas.

France August 2004

Kayaking, Camping & Mazes on the beach

USA April 2004

The Elvis tour - from Tupelo to Vegas via Graceland, Mississippi, Houston, San Antonio, Big Bend, Tombstone Phoenix, Meteor Crater and Grand Canyon

North Wales August 2003

Hiking and Kayaking, Castles and beaches.

France August 2003

45 Centigrade. The only place to be was in the sea.

Tunsia April 2003

Beaches, salt flats, Mountains and the biggest desert in the world. The best pictures here are of the desert.

Cyprus Nov 2002

Mosaics, ruins, beaches and the last divided city in the world

Brittany August 2002

First outing for the Kayak.

Europe 2001

Six months travelling around Scotland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Spain in the camper

Australia 1996

Just part of the "Round the world in 80 weeks" trip. I'll get round to scanning the rest some day